Wow! We talked to Rountree Ford and they said they had people lining at up 7:30am this morning to see Cody Simpson this afternoon with K945! I guess that's just a day in the life of a teenage heart throb! I sure hope Cody knows what's in store for him! Just so everyone knows, our broadcast today goes from 3-6pm and he won't be there until we get started, so you don't actually have  to show up until this afternoon... Unless you want to test drive a few cars! Everything will be as orderly as possible. When he gets there, he'll do a couple songs and then we'll set him up at a table where you'll be able to get his autograph:) Just keep in mind, a lot of people are going to want to meet Cody, so please, only one autograph per person in fairness to those behind you. I know, I know! You love Cody and no one else loves Cody like you do. I mean, after all, you're going to be Mrs. Cody Simpson one day! Just keep in mind, there are others with that dream as well:) For more on Cody and his appearance, click here.