Three college students in New Paltz, NY were in desperate need of furniture, so they did what any group of struggling college students would do: they bought a couch from the Salvation Army for $20.

Little did they know their small investment was about to pay back in dividends.

Almost immediately, the trio noticed this cheap coach was really uncomfortable. They had to know why, so they decided to investigate.

After unzipping a cushion, they found an envelope with a measly $4,000 inside! I say measly because $4,000 is chump change compared to what came next.

They continued digging, and in a matter of minutes they had discovered a total of $40,000. They had hit the jackpot. Their neighbor heard the celebration and thought they hit the lottery. They might as well have!

Suffice to say, $40,000 to a college student -- heck, to anybody -- is a big deal - especially off a $20 investment.

They kept digging, but couldn't find any more money. However, they did find one more thing: a deposit slip...with the couch's owner's name on it.

What would you do?

I honestly can say I'm not sure I would of done what these three broke college students did next. They decided right then and there that they had to find this lady and return her $40,000.

The lady turned out to be 91 years old and said that her family donated the couch while she was hospitalized.

The students returned all the money to the family. It's unknown if they received a reward for their actions. But they do still have the couch, and at least it's a little more comfortable.

[via ABC 7]