You gotta love a good love story. It's gonna be hard to top this one. You know I love a good engagement, but I also hate them because they always make my proposal look horrible! If you haven't heard, I proposed to Kaci at 10 AM on a Sunday while watching Harry Potter in our PJ's. I'm not the best at the whole romance thing.

We'll this guy & this travel agency get it! So this girl was under the assumption that she had won a contest to go to Greece with her sister. So she got on this big ol' plane expecting a flight to Greece. Nothing more, nothing less. What she got, was the flight of her life. Turns out, her sister was in on the whole thing. Of course, so was her boyfriend who was also on the plane. Oh and so were about 40 of her family members and friends.

They didn't just stop at the engagement. Right then and there, they rolled out all the wedding decorations right there on the plane, with all her friends and family in attendance. In walks a preacher for the I do's, and the rest is history.

This is a great story, but imagine if she said no! Here's the video!