Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Big Al doesn't really get mad that often. That's why we love him. But when he does get mad, watch out!

"I've never felt rage before," Big Al explained. "I felt that Saturday afternoon."

So, what brought it on? A very rude customer who attempted to steal a table from his bar by lifting it up off the ground, putting it on his shoulder and walking onto the patio with it.

Things got ugly when Big Al confronted the jerk -- who had also walked out of the bar with a beer (which is illegal).

After asking politely for the table back, he informed the customer that having a beer outside the bar was against the law. Big Al reached out, took the guy's beer and poured it out on the sidewalk. That's when the guy turned to his group and said: 'I'm going to kick that [n-word] in his ass."

Watch Big Al tell the whole story below

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