Let this be another lesson as to why you never, ever make a female angry.

This is a strange one for me because after a few seconds, I felt like I was watching a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto.

A new video out of Peru shows a woman going absolutely nuts. Literally, all caution thrown to the wind, this woman has officially lost it.

I'm not sure what exactly her ex-boyfriend did to her to put her in this state, but let's be honest, it could be anything. He could have cheated on her, or took too long to like her newest Insta pic. He could have broke up with her, or told her she didn't look great in her new outfit. The possibilities are almost as endless as the anger spewing from this girl.

To take out her anger, she used her car like a battering ram. She drove that thing directly into her ex's car several times, before (somehow) driving away.

You gotta see this!