Is Shreveport's Chicago haunted? Compelling new surveillance footage taken inside the club suggests it may be the latest local business that's home to paranormal activity.

Chicago's Bryan Wood told K945 that he noticed orbs of light flying around when he watched the surveillance camera, and the video he sent us shows just that.

However, Wood also revealed that he's heard noises around the back staircase before and has even had a physical encounter with an unknown entity.

"I did feel a push a few months ago. I was going up the stairs and was pushed forward. When I turned around, no one was there," he said, adding that he's also heard angry growls.

Wood says he isn't the only one who works at the club to experience something unexplainable, and that his past run-ins with what could be a spirit has affected where he goes inside it.

"I don't use the back stairs," he said. "There's always a weird feeling back there."

Wood claims that he isn't aware of any past tragedies in the building that would explain the odd occurrences.

So, is it haunted? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.