Marriage -- it's not for everybody. And after this poor guy's wife threw a temper tantrum that rivals a little baby's just because they aren't going to the lake during vacation, he's probably realizing just how true that saying is.

The wife whines, cries and screams about "not going on the lake" while the couple drives on the highway, presumably not toward the lake. (One nice bit of irony: you can hear The Band Perry's song "Done" playing on the radio as the woman throws a hissy fit and whimpers.)

The upset woman does makes some compelling arguments for going to the lake, however, including, "There's no reason we can't be on the lake right now" and "I'm having an anxiety attack."

The icing on the cake is when she starts to whine about needing cigarettes. Not sure about that, but the husband definitely deserves a stiff drink after dealing with her temper tantrum!

The husband filmed the entire incident and remained fairly calm, but we still feel bad for him. And after watching his wife flip out in this video, you probably will, too.

Watch the wife throw a temper tantrum for the ages below