The big wigs at "Dancing with the Stars" promised this season would be full of surprises. Tonight we'll see the biggest one yet.

Season 18 of "Dancing with the Stars" started with a new co-host and band in addition to a new cast. There was also the promise of a first-ever shakeup between stars and their partners. Tonight we'll see exactly what that looks like with "The Switch Up."

This is how it will work.

The celebrities will switch pro partners and it is all based on America's votes. Each star will then preform a new style of dance with his or her new partner. The switch is not permanent though. All celebrities will return to their original pros next week.

Many of the stars found solace in the switch being temporary. Candace Cameron Bure told ABC News Radio that she was really nervous at first, but now that she knows she is going to be back with her partner Mark Ballas, she thinks it will be fun.

Each couple will be judged and scored tonight. Those scores will count in next week's elimination.

Tonight's episode will feature another guest judge tonight. Last week was Robin Roberts. Tonight, DWTS welcomes back former pro Julianne Hough.

Dancing with the Stars airs at 7 p.m. Central Time on ABC.