If you're gonna do a rap glamorizing drug use, don't do it in front of Demi Lovato.

Reports out of Greensboro, NC claim that Lovato booted a rap duo off the stage during auditions for "The X Factor" after hearing the words "bath salts".

A source told E! News, "She wasn't having any of it. She said 'It's really irresponsible to be rapping about drugs in front of kids.' Then they tried to make excuses and Demi said, 'You talked about bath salts, I heard you.'"

She then ordered the rappers off the stage, the source says, and her fellow judges backed her up.

"Bath salts" is a term for a synthetic powder with the same effects as cocaine and crystal meth, and can produce dangerous side effects.

Lovato has been open about her use of drugs and alcohol to deal with depression and eating disorders, and recently completed treatment after a stint in rehab.