Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital one week ago after a health scare that left her convulsing on the floor. It’s been reported that the convulsions were brought on by a mixture of whip-its, adderall, red bull and lack of eating, but the 911 call that was made from her home reveals another substance that caused Demi’s collapse.

The LA district attorney made sure that all references to ‘whip-its’ were taken out for privacy reasons, but the tape did reveal that Demi was smoking some kind of incense. Its thought that she was smoking Salvia, the same herbal spice that Miley Cyrus was caught smoking a little over a year ago. Demi and Miley recently worked together on the film ‘LOL’, which will be out earlier this year… Coincidence?

Demi has been released from the hospital but there is no word on her whereabouts at this time. Her publicist initially said that Demi had decided to seek treatment for exhaustion and to improve her overall health. She could have entered into a rehab or just opted to receive outpatient treatment.