First let me state, that this story... is NOT A STORY! I'm only writing about it because corporate asked me to give my take on it.

So, hear's what happened...

National media (on TV, radio, and internet) started talk about a $3 tip that Drew Brees left at a San Diego restaurant on a $74 bill.  Some outlets didn't even report that the tip was left on a take-out order.

Drew himself became aware of the story Thursday morning when he saw a network morning show in a discussion about tipping on take-out orders... and referencing a picture of his take-out receipt that was circulated on-line.

Here's what Drew tweeted about the story...

Let me put it this way... I'LL NEVER CARE WHAT YOU OR ANYONE TIPS.. UNLESS WE'RE AT DINNER TOGETHER!  That's the only way I would ever give a flip about a tip!

I'm ashamed that I was even asked to write about this story, I can only assume that our company sees some value in having this story consumed on the internet or on the air.

Colin Cowherd had a great take on "The Herd" today, (Listen to Colin here on 1130 the Tiger from 11a-1pm.)  His outrage was at the fact that the story included Drew's financial status.  I agree with the fact that how much money you make should have no bearing on how much you tip.  And furthermore, how much a server makes before tips should be totally irrelevant!  The tip should be based on the quality of service and food provided!  That's it!  Boom!  End of story.

The icing on the cake here, is that the tip was left on a take-out order... which I would conclude that more than half of the people who get take-out... NEVER TIP!

I didn't even learn that it was appropriate to tip on take-out until about five years ago.  What do I do?  I give a 10% tip on take-out orders.  There's my take!  Tip on take-out or DON'T!   I DON'T CARE... and you shouldn't either!