It sounds like this weatherman just called for a 100% chance of stinky hot gas.

A video has gone viral showing a newscast blooper for the ages. One meticulous viewer noticed a strange noise coming from a weatherman, and it didn't come out of his mouth.

Instead, it totally sounds like he ripped one and showed no remorse for it.

The gassy weatherman is named Chris Dunn and he works in Mobile, Alabama. Chances are, this wasn't his dream scenario when it came to getting his name out there.

In my opinion, it simply had to be a fart. In the video, the weatherman even pauses mid-sentence as he rips one. The guy even bends over to help usher the toot all the way out.

So what do you think Shreveport? Was it a fart or something else? If not a fart, what else could it possibly have been?

Check out the footage and decide for yourself!