Bruce Willis' latest, "A Good Day to Die Hard", squeaked past all comers to claim the box office crown this Presidents' Day weekend.

The action flick took in $25 million in its debut weekend, beating out the comedy "Identity Thief", which premiered in second place with $23.4 million, and another debut, "Safe Haven", finished third with $21.4 million.

The top ten:

"Good Day to Die Hard," $25 million
"Identity Thief," $23.4 million
"Safe Haven," $21.4 million
"Escape From Planet Earth," $16 million
"Warm Bodies," $9 million
"Beautiful Creatures," $7.4 million
"Side Effects," $6.3 million
"Silver Linings Playbook," $6 million
"Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters," $3.4 million
"Zero Dark Thirty," $3.1 million