What a cleaver idea on promoting the Shreveport Opera

from the Shreveport times...

The chatter of diners and the clatter of dishes typical for a busy night at Superior Bar and Grill got drowned out by baritone and soprano voices Thursday as Shreveport Opera members performed an unexpected "flash opera."

The unanticipated performance made many of the restaurant's patrons anxiously grab their cell phones to capture the moment.

"When the first guy started, I thought to myself 'someone has had one too many margaritas,'" said Don Beasley, who was at dinner with his wife and neighbors when Tosca cast member Horace English burst out with the beginning of the Toreador song from "Carmen." "Then the second guy came in and then third and fourth and then the entire group and it was just beautiful."

Pretty cool though I would have tripped out, then joined in! Not that I know the words but I can rap "Baby Got Back" like it ain't nobody's business!