After tragedy struck on the slopes of Mount Everest, Discovery Channel has pulled the plug on the former Centenary student's big jump.

Joby Ogwyn had been planning on jumping off Mount Everest wearing nothing but a wingsuit. The entire event was to be broadcast live on Discovery Channel. However, after the deaths of some of the Sherpa guides during an avalanche, the cameras have been turned off.

The 39-year-old Ogwyn is a mountain climber, BASE jumper and Wingsuit flyer. He attended Centenary College of Louisiana where he studied business administration.

Ogwyn tweeted:

Ogwyn first climbed Everest when he was 24 years old, becoming the youngest American to reach the summit of the 29,035-foot mountain. He did it in just nine and a half hours.

Three years ago he tested the jump from an airplane.

He told CNN, “I’m not afraid to die. I’m not afraid to live my life on my own terms.”