Yep, you could literally be showering and reading this, but this still applies to you. Also, we don't recommend using laptops or smartphones in the shower.

At all times -- 24/7, 365 days a year -- your body is quite nasty. You probably don't even know it! Me, I haven't showered in days, but I feel clean as a whistle! Even if you take seven showers a day, you are still extremely dirty.

Men's Health recently posted about the human body and several things that you have and simply won't get rid of.

We'll start with number 1: Demodex Mites.

These little suckers may have a cool name, but they are as whack as it gets! With their gross little insect bodies. This bad boy is basically an eight-legged slug. They guzzle more oil than a heavy-duty pick up truck! We'll that's not very accurate, but they do live on your eyelashes and feed on your skin cells and hair follicle oil. OH, and they come out at night and play around on your face.

Number 2: Fecal Matter.

The words fecal matter are enough to know you are a gross person. Sadly, no matter how accurate you are with you TP, you'll never quite get the job done. For the cleanest person on earth, they leave about a tenth of a gram behind. You can imagine how much a messy person leaves. Let's just leave it at that.

Oh and that wasn't a bad picture, just my fingers ;)

Number 3: Dead Skin Cells.

It's true, no matter how alive you are, you are covered in dead skin cells. Actually, just about your entire outer layer of skin is totally dead. Even grosser, the cells are falling off of you and onto someone or something else all the time!

Think about that next time your dancing all over a hottie at Phoenix Underground.

Number 4: Skin-Eating Insects.

I'm not here to gross you out. I promise. Just understand that right now as you're reading this, you probably have a nasty little mite eating on your skin. Oh, and watch out if you suffer from eczema; if you have the itch, you probably have the mites as well!

Number 5: Belly Button Bacteria.

Andres Rodriguez via ThinkStock

Yeah, that's me in the picture above. Stop asking questions! Just me measuring my belly.

Yes, even I, with my extremely chiseled abs, have some serious bacteria going on in my belly hole. Think of your belly button like this: Your belly button is Times Square, and every single day of your life is bacteria's New Year's Eve. It is a serious party going on in that belly crater. We're talking over 2,000 different bacteria species at any given time. Think about that next time you go lint digging.

Hope that didn't make your skin crawl too much. Now make your way to the shower immediately!