A new survey by Public Policy Polling asked respondents which they had a higher opinion of: Congress or another item on the list. The survey revealed that Congress is not too popular.

PPP surveyed about 500 people earlier this week about their thoughts of Congress. The legislative body's approval rating was just 8 percent.

Among the things or people that were thought more highly of than Congress were: dog poop (47 - 40 percent), witches (46 -32 percent) and jury duty (73 -18 percent). Even the IRS was thought of more highly than Congress (42 - 33 percent).

While that figure is extremely low, this survey did find things that Americans think less highly of than Congress.

Former congressman Anthony Weiner (50 -23 percent), Honey Boo Boo (42 - 33 percent) and Miley Cyrus (46 - 31 percent) were all seen less highly than Congress, as were twerking (37 -33 percent), heroin (53 - 24 percent) and Syria (51 - 22 percent).

The questions ranged from pop culture figures to everyday inconveniences or displeasure.

Mothers-in-law were seen much more highly than Congress (64 - 20 percent), as well as the DMV (58 - 24 percent) and even hemorrhoids (53 - 31 percent).

But to truly understand the direction the nation is going, the fact zombies (43 - 37 percent) and public radio fundraising drives (60 - 25 percent) are seen much more highly than Congress should be a warning.