There’s still more info coming out about this Drake and Chris Brown fight… and it looks like Drake was the one that instigated the fight.

Ingrid Gutierrez is this model that was hanging out with Chris at W.i.P. nightclub. She was hit in the head with a bottle and is looking to take some legal action against Drake because she says that he was the one that started it. She said that Drake and his entourage were getting up in Chris’ face and giving him the middle finger, then they started throwing bottles. She said that Chris never acted violently and just tried to hustle his people out of the club.

The club W.i.P. has since been shut down for code violations. Chris and his people are working with the police investigation but Drake and his entourage are not because they don’t want to become ‘snitches’. They said, “We’re no running-to-the-police (n-word)”.

Drake may have won the fight but Chris still won the girl. The night after the fight, Ri hung out with Chris all night at Jay-Z’s 40/40 nightclub.