Everyone has a spin on Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama going on right now. First she announced that she would be divorcing Kris Humphries just 72 days after they married. She said that she did not need any marriage counseling because it was her intuition to leave him. When she started receiving backlash for her hasty decision, she quickly flew to Minnesota to talk with Kris and the priest that married them. There hasn’t been any word on if they are trying to reconcile or just seeking closure, but Media Takeout is saying there’s a very different reason that Kim flew to Minnesota. They are claiming that E! network is ready to pull the plug on this Kardashian non-sense. They are considering dropping Kim’s new show ‘Kim and Kourtney Take Manhattan’ and want to stop airing the wedding special. Losing two shows would mean she would be losing out on millions. So Media Takeout says we can expect Kim and Kris to reconcile this week and then break up again once Kim’s final episode airs in December.

Here is a little more interesting Kim news. Back before there was ever a Kris Humphries in her life, she was hanging out with Kayne West. He was even in her show ‘Kim and Koutney Take New York’ last summer. Everyone speculated they were probably hooking up, but Kayne’s ex confirmed it yesterday. Amber Rose was on the Wendy Williams show and coyly confirmed that they were definitely hooking up last summer.

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