Ed Sheeran's music makes us want to dance and sing along. Now he's on our "A-Team" with the title of Man Crush Monday.

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran was bor in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England on February 17, 1991. The arts are a big part of Sheeran's life as his parents ran a independent art consultancy and his brother is a classical composer. Sheeran sang in the church choir at age four, learned guitar and began writing songs in high school.

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In 2005, Sheeran began recording music and released his first independent EP, The Orange Room EP. Three years later he moved to London and began playing at various small venues. That same year he opened for Nizlopi, a popular hip hop band. In 2009, he played 312 gigs after reading that James Morrison did 200 gigs in a year. It was his mission to surpass that number.

2009 proved to be a big year for Sheeran. He released another EP called You Need Me before going on tour with Just Jack. He also began collaborating with different writers on various songs, including Cee Lo Green's "Forget You."

2010 was even bigger.

Sheeran toured with Example, a mainstream rapper and released another EP, Loose Change. In April he took a leap of faith and booked a trip to Los Angeles. While playing an open mic night at The Foxxhole, he caught the ears of Jamie Foxx, who offered Sheeran the use of his studio and a stay at his house.

For the rest of the year, Sheeran put his nose to the ground and worked hard on his music. He released three EPs in that time, Ed Sheeran: Live at the Bedford, Songs I Wrote with Amy, and No. 5 Collaborations Projects. It was the third EP that gave him national recognition as he reached No. 2 on the iTunes chart without a label. He was then signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records.

His debut album, +, was released in September 2011 along with the lead single "The A Team." Other songs on + included, "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", "Lego House" and "Drunk." Sheeran worked on music with One Direction and Taylor Swift at this time and also went on tour with Snow Patrol. In 2013, he toured with Swift.

After two years of not releasing a single, Sheeran put out "I See Fire."

Sheeran is expected to release his second studio album, x (read as "multiply") on June 23 of this year. He recorded the album with Rick Rubin who thought it best to record the album acoustically and then add the other instrumentation later. He felt that Sheeran would be in a better mood this way. Although "I See Fire" is featured on x, the lead single off of the album is "Sing", released April 7.

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Personal Life

Sheeran is a very private person, which seems odd with the number of tattoos he has. He gets inked up for every major event in his life, like touring with Swift, selling out Madison Square Garden for three straight shows, and every album he has released. It's his way of telling his story.

He has also remained tight-lipped about his dating life. It has been rumored that he dated Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift. He did write a song about one of his exes titled "Don't." There's no confirmation about who the song is about and Sheeran has no intention of revealing the name. Many speculate it is about Goulding.

Sheeran did however say that he is currently in a new relationship, but true to his style, he won't tell us her name.

What we do know, is if this relationship turns serious, the pair will eventually move to a farm near Framlingham, which Sheeran purchased in 2012. He said he hopes to raise a family there one day.