Ever doubt the power of social media? You wont anymore.

Meet eight year old, Dylan Spoering.




He's born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Since Dylan was just four years old, he's been taking piano lessons with his grandfather.

Finally, after four years of hard work, it was time to show the neighborhood what he's capable of. So he does what any eight year old would do. Puts up a homemade sign written by himself invited everyone in the neighborhood to come see him play.

The hardly legible sign read, "Free concert by Dylan Spoering, 2:30 - 3:20pm."

He expected a few friends and neighbors to show up, but thanks to a little social media, he got a slightly larger audience.

One of his neighbors saw the sign and decided to post the recital as an event on Facebook. Next thing you know, tons of people are accepting the invitation and sharing the event, then the day of the concert comes and you'll never believe how many people showed up to his front yard.

Over 400 people came out and supported Dylan in the pouring rain!

Even cooler, one person streamed the recital online and over 40,000 people watched it live!

Here's the video of the awesome event!