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Gov. Kathleen Blanco, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, Doug Kershaw, Terrance Simien, Warden Cain, Chris Thomas King – Coming to Shreveport Bossier Honoring the LPB - Louisiana Hayride Bicentennial Celebration!

FREE Admission - June 20, 2012 -7:00 pm Municipal Auditorium – Everyone Welcome!


This rare occasion of personalities coming together in Shreveport June 20 most likely will never share the stage together again. Gov. Kathleen Blanco, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, Rep. Billy Montgomery, Beth Courtney, Warden Burl Cain, Ted Jones, Doug Kershaw, Terrance Simien, Chris Thomas King, & a host of dignitaries & musicians honoring Louisiana Entertainment with a Shreveport-Bossier Bicentennial Celebration! Louisiana Public Broadcasting & the Louisiana Hayride Foundation collaborated on creating the event as a FREE celebration for the community.

LPB Premiere – “ LOUISIANA – 200 YEARS OF STATEHOOD” – Film begins at 7: PM
An exciting evening begins with the LPB premiere of the entertaining documentary “LOUISIANA-200 Years of Statehood” narrated by Harry Connick, Jr. The film has opened to rave reviews across the state.
Hosted by LPB’s President & CEO Beth Courtney, the film portrays an exciting regaling of Louisiana’s adventurous journey into statehood. A “must be there” exciting & memorable occasion!

Hosts: Ken Shepherd, Maggie Warwick & Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne

Immediately following the LPB premiere, the “LOUISIANA HAYRIDE” show will open with a congregation of dignitaries & musicians gathered on the Louisiana Hayride Stage in a joyful chorus of the Gov. Jimmie Davis classic “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE.” Doug Kershaw, Terrance Simien, Chris Thomas King and dozens of musicians, singers & songwriters will then kick off a “Louisiana Hayride Jam! Special invitation goes out to all musicians & singers from the surrounding area to join the “Louisiana Hayride Stage” in a finale medley of Huddie Ledbetter’s “Midnight Special” & Hank Williams, “I Saw The Light.” The legend is that the “Louisiana Hayride Stage” is “magical” as so many entertainers have had great success from being there. Let the magic begin!

MID DAY SPECIAL EVENT: 11:30am – 1:30pm

“LOUISIANA HAYRIDE“ LUNCHEON- Shreveport Convention Center - Everyone Welcome!

A “Louisiana Hayride Awards” luncheon will honors those mentioned above & others who have long supported the national reactivation of the globally famous music show, the “Louisiana Hayride” that spawned the careers of the greatest legends in American music. The “Hayride” was broadcast live on radio KWKH in Shreveport from 1948 to the mid 1960’s. The who’s who list of Louisiana Hayride legends is long and mighty. Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Kitty Wells, Johnny Horton, George Jones, Willie Nelson & hundreds more singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, publishers & executives were a music industry force in Shreveport in the ‘50’s.

An exodus of music people left Shreveport when the Louisiana Hayride closed. Many say “Shreveport” could have been “Nashville” had the Hayride continued. Speakers and honorees at the “Louisiana Hayride Awards Luncheon” will highlight the advantages Shreveport-Bossier has in the globally famous, indigenous historical brand that serves as the strong foundation to build a truly world class attraction & music business development center for the North Louisiana region. Statewide music industry development is also a major focus. Louisiana Hayride officials say it is truly a privilege to celebrate these illustrious individuals who have supported the Louisiana Hayride and Louisiana music for so many years. Luncheon hosts are music industry veterans Maggie & Alton Warwick & Ken Shepherd. Luncheon tickets $35.00.

Luncheon Tickets are $35. for the “Louisiana Hayride Awards.” Reserve by June 19.
Call or email - Alton Warwick at alwarwick@aol.com - 318-227-9110