Everyone already knows about the Basic B. She loves her Starbucks, favorite season is Fall, and would rock leggings and Ugg boots every day if she could. However, there is a male equivalent of the Basic B: The Basic Bro.

Trust me, you know at least 2 or maybe 3 basic bros. These guys think Daniel Tosh is still cool and funny, thinks the biggest mistake in Hollywood was canceling Entourage, and they smell like Axe body spray even after 3 showers.

These guys think that Saturdays are for the boys and thinks jokes about women belonging in the kitchen are funny. Their vocabulary consists of words like "epic" and "dude". And they never forget that when the sun is out- the guns are out. And for some reason they love Vegas even though they have never been.

Ladies, if you are unsure that the guy you are into is basic or not there is one identifiable clue at his home that is super easy to spot. Look for a shelf or maybe the top of a cabinet lined with empty liquor bottles or beer cans- if he has that then he is definitely a basic bro.