If you've ever done the blob at summer camp, you know you can catch some serious air. So how high do you think you could get with 1,000 pounds launching you?

The concept of the blob is simple. A giant rectangular pillow of air floating on a body of water. One person jumps onto the blob and then crawls to the very edge where the water is. They nuzzle themselves in between the sides and just far enough toward the edge so they will be launched out into the water.

Usually, it's another person who jumps on the end closest to the shore. This forces the air through the pillow, therefore launching the other person. However, these people have taken it to the extreme by dropping a 1,000 pound weight on the blob.

These people catch some serious air. Like, "Oh-my-gosh-this-is-really-going-to-hurt" air.

I've seen some pretty high launches in my days of summer camp, but these certainly take the cake.