Yesterday, Amy Winehouse’s dad, Mitch, surprised the fans that are still gathered outside of her home when he started passing out her clothes. He told the fans, "These are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes." He handed out everything from shirts to vests to jewelry to sunglasses, even a pair of her ballet slippers. Her fans were really grateful to receive Amy’s clothes, but let’s see if they actually keep them or try to make money off them.

Now it’s no surprise that Amy had drug problems and some people even had her in their death pool for awhile. There was this website that has been taking predictions on when Amy would die since 2007. A message on the website says they have received 237 hate mails but 96,026 left their predictions. Four people did correctly guess the date, so the first one who submitted the correct date has now won an Ipod touch.

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