Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there's a big football game this Sunday. While I'm not really invested in either team, it's still a big event and a chance for family and friends to come together over a great meal! I took the time to come up with my favorite dishes for the big game

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    Road Kill aka Bristol's Totally Cheesy Cheese Dip

    One of my family's favorite foods is cheese. They don't care how it's served or what you put in it (mostly). They just want lots of it! I call our queso 'Road Kill.' The recipe changes every time I make it but it generally includes Rotel, ground meat of some sort (turkey if I'm feeling healthy) and more cheese... all kinds! I've been know to throw in cream cheese, sour cream, etc!!!

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    We like meatballs... We like 'em even better in a crockpot after a few hours in a smoky BBQ sauce. Looking forward to game day now, aren't you?

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    Paula Deen's Macaroni and Cheese

    I got a Paula Deen cookbook for our wedding. Ever since, Paula's Mac and Cheese has been a staple at our house for every family get together. Have I mentioned my family likes cheese?

    Flickr Creative Commons/Brown Eyed Baker
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    Ham Roll Ups

    These are so easy to make and people love them! Take ham slices, spread cream cheese mixed with horse radish and season to taste. Roll it up, spear with tooth picks and cut... Voila! Instant appetizer!

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    Deli Tray

    Ok, so this isn't MY deli tray, but it totally could be... if I went to the deli and slapped down my credit card!