Getty Images/Jim Dyson

Feather extensions are all the rage this Summer and today, I thought I'd find some information for you on how to put your own feather extensions in without trashing your hair or having to go to the salon. After all, Ke$ha wears them... Selena Gomez and Miley wear 'em, too! Heck, even Steven Tyler wears feather extensions! But you don't want to walk around looking like them ALL the time! Plus, with school fast approaching, you'll want to know how to take them in and out yourself because you know some of the schools are going to want to outlaw them! YOU REBELS! Of course, there's a down side to every fad and before you decide to go with feather extensions, you might want to click here... After all, I'm not down with killing a rooster in the name of fashion. I'm all about the faux extension!