By now, we've all seen a film in progress here in the SBC. It hasn't been here that long in the scope of things, but it's become common place. No one blinks when they hear the Clyde Fant Parkway is closed for a few hours on the K945 Accutrac Traffic reports for filming. Plus, no one really bothers the stars here. In fact, if someone dared bother cute little Jessica Simpson or Katie Holmes, there might be a red neck a few steps behind with a shotgun telling the heckler to leave the pretty lady alone. With that being said, there are people who spend their life enticing the film industry to come film in our area. In fact, we have an entire city office dedicated to bringing filming to our area. It not only means more jobs and lots of extra money being dropped into local coffers, it gives us an air of sophistication as well! Check out one of the SBC sizzle reels I found online. Hats of to Arlena and Pam! You're doing a great job! Find out more here!