Busy weekend ahead! Krewe of Centaur Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday and then the Super Bowl on Sunday means a weekend full of partying and fuller bellies! But if you're committed to fitness, what should you do?

I spoke to local fitness instructor Heather Binyon, who provided some healthy advice for a normally unhealthy weekend.

"A good thing to always do is think ahead," says Binyon. "Before you go to a party like that you want to eat a little something so that you're not just starving when you get there and want to pig out."

"Another good way is to bring something healthy," she adds.

Binyon also shared some healthier options for those looking to get their drink on, such as low-calorie beers. Now she's talking our language! However, she warned us away from daiquiris since they are high in carbs.

Thankfully, wings aren't completely off the table (pun intended) -- Binyon says you just need to order them naked. That means with less flour, you pervs!

Click below to listen to my full interview with Heather Binyon for more advice on eating healthy during Mardi Gras and Super Bowl weekend!