AJR will be taking the stage in the Red River District Tuesday, May 20 to kick off your summer. Here's what you need to know.

  • They're Brothers

    If you thought the name AJR was completely random, think again. It's actually an acronym of each of the guys' names. That's because AJR is made up of three brothers; Adam, Jack and Ryan Met.

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  • They're Bringing Back Barbershop

    AJR brings a breath of fresh air to the music world with their electric combination of pop, barbershop and dubstep. The song "I'm Ready" is primarily pop, but it incorporates a heavy dubstep beat and classic a cappella barbershop.

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  • They've Opened for Some Big Names

    AJR has barely been playing music for a decade, yet they have been around the block with some of your favorite K945 artists. They've opened for Demi Lovato, the Wanted, Fifth Harmony and Hoodie Allen.

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  • They Have a Melting Pot of Influences

    For such young guys, AJR loves some of the old stuff, as well as the new. They claim musicians such as The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Vampire Weekend, and fun as their main influences. That's what gives them such a unique sound.

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  • They Were Discovered on Twitter

    Never underestimate the power of social media. Twitter allows you immediate access to your favorite celebrities. Last year, AJR tweeted a link of their video for the song "I'm Ready" to about 80 celebrities. Australian singer Sia Furler liked their style and took the song to her manager. He then set them up with Columbia Records.

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