Joby Ogwyn, a former student at Centenary College will attempt the unthinkable live on television as he jumps off Mount Everest wearing only a wingsuit.

Discovery Channel announced the first-ever wingsuit flight from the top of Mount Everest will be broadcast live in a show called "Everest Jump Live." The special is expected to be shown globally on May 11.

The 39-year-old Ogwyn, who was born and raised in Louisiana, will be making the jump. Ogwyn is a mountain climber, BASE jumper and Wingsuit flyer. He attended Centenary College of Louisiana where he studied business administration.

According to the Associated Press, the event will be a two-hour show featuring Ogwyn climbing to the summit of Everest and then jumping. Should he survive the climb, he will jump off and descend more than 10,000 vertical feet at an estimated 150 mph. His wingsuit will be equipped with cameras to capture the entire event.

Leading up to the jump will be coverage of Ogwyn's training and preparation, set to begin on May 5.

Ogwyn first climbed Everest when he was 24 years old, becoming the youngest American to reach the summit of the 29,035-foot mountain. He did it in just nine and a half hours. Three years ago he tested the jump from an airplane.

He told CNN, "I'm not afraid to die. I'm not afraid to live my life on my own terms."