Hey guys! I got this from my friend Kacey this morning and any help you could give would be a tremendous blessing. I don't know little Kennedy, but I do know her Momma and she's a great lady!

Our good friends, Tim & Mandy Marrs, have a little girl named Kennedy (a/k/a Hannah Montana) and she has Cerebral Palsy.  She must have two surgeries on Sept 13th.  They are having a lunch plate fundraiser on Sunday, Sept 11th at Bistro to Go (on the little street next to Chianti, off Line Ave.).  Plates are $7.00.  If you would like to buy a ticket, please let me know so I can have our tickets at the office next Friday. 

Cookin' For Kennedy

Red Beans and Rice Dinner $7.00
(Red Beans, Coleslaw, Roll and Desert)
Sunday September, 11 2011
Pick up time 11-2
Bistro To Go
748 Lassus Lane
Shreveport, LA 71104

Tickets for sale at Chemistry Hair Salon, Haven Spa, Mandy or Tim Marrs..... 



Hi Friends….-
I will share with you our journey throughout this road we are on.  Many of you have asked how you can help as we prepare for this new chapter in Kennedy’s medical care, so we are in the process of putting together a website and fundraiser for her medical care. Of course, prayers are always welcome!!  As most of you know, Kennedy was diagnosed as a Cerebral Palsy child when she was 16 months old. She has always had mild orthopedic problems as well as cognitive and developmental delays. For all intents and purposes, Kennedy functions at a great level for having this condition. Cerebral Palsy is not a progressive disease; however, over time as the child grows, more orthopedic and muscular issues can present themselves. This is where we are in Kennedy’s life. Her femur bones and left tibia bone are growing in crooked, and causing her pain, and trouble walking, running etc. without falling and or discomfort. We need to intervene with surgery to be able to straighten the bones and untighten the muscles.  After the surgery, Kennedy will continue to go through intense physical therapy, and we will continue to see our wonderful new Neurologist at Texas Children’s Hospital. He wants to run some neuropsychological testing on Kennedy, to see if we can pinpoint exactly what her “weaknesses” are in the brain, and come up with a plan to help her succeed both academically and socially.  We will be going back to do these tests when she can travel again after her surgery.  He also has put her on a new medicine called Neurontin. He feels as though this will help the brain block the nerve pain she is having along with the bone and muscular pain. So, hopefully we are on our way to helping her feel better all the way around. We will go to our Gait Analysis Lab on August 15th where they will hook Kennedy up to all of these leads and watch her muscles and bones when she is walking, running, etc. It sort of looks like robotic type of testing, pretty neat. This is going to give the surgeons a “blueprint” of sorts for the surgery. We will have pre-op on Sept 12, and surgery is set for Sept. 13th. She will be undergoing two surgeries at the same time. One is called a bilateral femoral de-rotational osteotomy and the other is a left tibial de-rotational osteotomy. We will be in the hospital for 5 days, and then sent home. She will come home with soft dressing on both hips for the femurs and the left tibia will have a cast.  We will be wheelchair bound, and she might have to have a walker for a little while, until her muscles regain strength.   We will then have homebound services come for school work about the 3rd or 4th week into recovery.  We will go back into hospital at the 5th week of recovery for inpatient physical therapy and muscle reconditioning. They told us this was a pretty intense process where she is worked all day long.  She is a strong little girl, and is definitely curious about all of this going on, but we just keep answering her questions, and telling her she doesn’t have to be afraid of any of it. She just keeps telling us she wants to be a “normal” little girl. That breaks all our hearts, but we keep telling her she is normal, just special… Tim and I both know and often discuss how blessed we feel that Kennedy is as high functioning of a child as she is.  We have had the privilege of meeting so many other children with her condition, that have a lot more obstacles to overcome than Kennedy, and for that we feel blessed.  It does not dull our pain we feel for our child, but it does make us feel very fortunate that Kennedy is, well Kennedy!  I will continue to update you as we know any new information. Until then, please keep Kennedy in your prayers and thoughts…. Hugs & Love….
Mandy  Marrs