Well, this is one way to spread holiday cheer. The Holdernesses, an actual family, have created a Christmas greeting card video called 'Xmas Jammies' that has viral written all over it. But that's sort of the point.

The video was put together by couple Penn Holderness and Kim Dean Holderness as a way for their company, Greenroom Communications, to get its name out there. It features The Holderness family, including kids Lola and Penn Charles, dancing in the driveway of their home in matching Christmas-themed pajamas (or Christmas jammies), while dad Penn raps about the family's 2013 highlights.

Is it working? Absolutely.

The 'Xmas Jammies' video has accrued over 2.5 million views on YouTube (so far) in the past week and boasts a healthy 'thumbs up' rating.

It's not difficult to see why it's striking a chord with people: it's silly and ridiculous, sure, but it's also a self-aware jab at families who actually over-share during the holidays.

Watch the #XmasJammies video below