While this isn't my garage door, mine caused me much grief this morning and I blame my husband. If he wouldn't have cleaned the garage, I wouldn't have had my car in there and not been able to get out to go to work this morning!

So the power goes out in Louisiana. Nothing new right? Our power goes out quite regularly, but I've never had to worry about getting my car out of the garage before... because it's never been clean enough to park the car in! Two Sundays ago, Keith cleaned our garage and he did a stellar job. He made room for my car even! Imagine how pampered I felt... until this morning.

The power is out. I'm trying to get ready for work and boom, I can't get out! So I'm at work in my glasses and minimal make up... and wet feet from having to trudge out the back door for Chris Evans 'the Kissing Bandit' to pick me up for work.

Now, you might think I'm ungrateful to blame my husband. But that's my job! Plus, he talked to me like I was an idiot when I was trying to pull the latch on the garage door. There was no rope to pull, so I climbed up and tried to release the latch. It wouldn't release... I'm doing this naked mind you because Keith wouldn't wait for me to get dressed from the bath to walk me through opening the dang garage. My next door neighbor is a fire fighter. He tried. (I'm dressed at this point.) The latch wouldn't release. I told Keith the latch wouldn't release for either of us to raise the garage door and he said he still thought he could do it in 5 minutes flat. He even bet me $100... Keep in mind, he doesn't have $100. Neither do I. His excuse is that he thinks our next door neighbor is not mechanically inclined. While he can't fix a lawn mower like Keith, I'm pretty sure he can pull a latch reliably. MEN!

Update: Since I've left the house, Keith has been and gone. The power is still up and the garage door has still not been opened! lol