I don't care where you hang, Phoenix Underground or Central, Rockin' Rodeo or the Basement, you can't escape the Wobble! You can dance to it, it shouts out big girls and it makes you shake that a$$! This song is literally no where on the charts, which makes sense, because it came out on V.I.C.'s album Beast in 2008. But, for some reason, I haven't been able to escape it lately at the club. People lose their damn minds when this song is played and the dance floor fills instantly. Maybe it's because it's got that Atlanta sound, which is strange coming from a Ghanaian from New York City, but I guess you can't argue with success. You've  probably heard his other song Get Silly that's been out for a while, too. Yeah, you know, my chain's too silly, my ride's too silly, etc... you get the idea. The lyrics aren't exactly rocket science, but the kids eat it up. Either way, Wobble Baby Wobble! Check Beyonce doing the Wobble after the official video!