What would make a warm Sunday afternoon super special- obviously the answer is crawfish! So my friend Krystal thought it would be fun for us to try the Louisiana Challenge. Which if you are unfamiliar with the challenge you try to throw back at least 15 crawfish in under a minute. We thought 12 was more doable because we aren't on that kind of level when it comes to crawfish. She being from California and myself being from Texas- we are newbies to Louisiana yummies.

So we went to Chuck Wagon Crawfish with our boyfriends to see who could do it better California or Texas. I'll give you a hint: Texas won it. Check out the video below to watch the challenge go down.

Special thanks to Chuck Wagon Crawfish for allowing our goofy selves to do the challenge at their location. I highly encourage you to try the challenge. How many crawfish can you throw back in under a minute?