Gone are the days of slouch socks, bangle bracelets and lace gloves -- the days where we didn’t stop believing because we were material girls livin’ on a prayer.

But 80s nerds rejoice, because the decade of excess will merge with St. Patrick’s Day Saturday night for Patty in the Plaza when the Molly Ringwalds perform at Festival Plaza in Downtown Shreveport.

This is by far the best 80s cover band. Ever.

As much of an 80s junkie as I am, I had never been to this time warp of a concert until the Saints and Cowboys game last year when they played in Champions Square prior to the game.

Though I don’t remember the exact set list (it was in New Orleans after all), I know every song was an 80s mega hit – Journey, AC/DC, Culture Club, Billy Idol, Eddie Money, Aha. There was no lull of crowd silence or bathroom breaks while they played a song from the new album.

With the opening notes of every song, the crowd got louder, hearing their favorites and singing along as if they were at their high school prom, in their Bandit edition Trans-Am or jamming to the jukebox at their favorite pub.

These guys put on a crazy fun, high-energy show from start to finish – and there’s no other show where you’ll see a keytar, Devo flower pot hat and Pee-Wee Herman all on the same stage.

And the best thing is – you know all the words.

Kristi Martin is a journalist, professional blogger and north Louisiana native. Follow her on twitter @writtennred.