In their traditional, non-traditional way, the Krewe of Atlas revealed their royalty for the upcoming 2012 Mardi Gras season with much fun and frivolity Saturday night at the American Legion in Shreveport. The Krewe of Atlas, known for it's diversity, hosted the Island of Shipwrecked Fools themed Coronation, where  yours truly was crowned the Duchess of Lagniappe IV along hubby Keith, who isn't a duchess of course, he's the Duke of Lagniappe IV... Even though he looks quite nice in eyeliner! Big congrats to the outgoing and previous royalty for their successful reigns! I've also got to shout out the decorating committee! The Legion looked great and the food was fantastic! The new royalty leading the Krewe in to the 2012 Mardi Gras season are as follows:
Captain: Erik Heyob

King: Ray Pliler

Queen: Ruth Grafton

Duke and Duchess of Creme de la Creme: John David Hebert and Delores Brown

Duke and Duchess of Lagniappe: Keith Woods and Erin Bristol

Duke and Duchess of Bon Temps: Troy Rougeau and Hollie Hawkins

Find more pictures from Professional Photographer Derek Groves by clicking here. He did a fantastic job!