[UPDATE]  Griff's Regional Manager Michael Prescott tells KEEL News the Bossier City location at Old Minden and Northgate Roads will be back in business TODAY, January 24th, 2014.  Doors open at 3 p.m.

[ORIGINAL STORY]  After nearly five months of renovations, Griff's Hamburgers on Old Minden Road in Bossier City is almost ready to reopen.

A fire there last August caused some serious damage and the business has been closed since then.

"The extent of the fire after the fire marshal came, up in the ceiling, was a little more than first considered, so we had to some complete redrawings of the building," said Griff's District Manager Michael Prescott. "It took a little bit to get the drawings done, and then we had to get fire marshal approval on the drawings before we could get started on the actual work."

Gary Thomas

If you look at the "before" and "after" photos, you'll notice the building looks quite different now. But it's not just the facade that has changed.

"Basically our slogan now is going to be 'It's a New Look, But the Same Great Food,'" Prescott told KEEL News. "We've done a lot of improvements to the inside, and the outer look. We've changed the dining room floors, the ceilings, countertops. I think people will be impressed."

The burger restaurant has been such a landmark in north Bossier, residents got pretty used to seeing the same faces in there whenever they came in. Prescott said most of the employees who were there before the fire will be back.

"Because it was a fire, they were able to go on unemployment, which the company pays," said Prescott. "And I think we've gotten all but one or two back." Of course, hiring has also been underway for a couple of weeks. Those new employees have been training at the Shreveport store.

Prescott said his hope is that the business will open back up Friday, January 24.

"We're still waiting on a few things to come in, but that's our goal -- next weekend," he explained. Just to make sure everyone knows for sure, he said he'll put up big signs outside that say "Now Open."
Work Underway at Fire-Damaged Griff's Hamburgers in Bossier | News Radio 710 KEEL