When Russell Williamson and Jamie Albanese were engaged to be married, the future groom decided to write an epic wedding rap song for his bride-to-be. And at their wedding reception, he delivered.

Russell got together with his groomsmen, usher and even the maid of honor to plan the surprise wedding reception rap. Along with The Nappy Whigs featuring SQWave, they planned out the song called 'Wedding Reception Rap (Tied the Knot).'

It was such a big secret that no one else in the bride and groom's families knew what was in store for Jamie.

Granted, the video is a little boring at the beginning, but it really picks up around the 4:30 minute mark when Russell steps up and, for lack of a better phrase, gets jiggy wit' it. He raps like a superstar to his new bride and surprises the entire reception.

What do you think? Can Russell rap or what?