You can't fix stupid, and this group of folks are about as un-fixable as it gets.

A video has gone viral showing a group of people attempt to push an ATV off a cliff. I for one, cannot imagine one single reason why someone would push an ATV off a cliff, but I'm sure these Einsteins had a good reason.

In the video clip, you see an entire group of idiots being all idiotic together near the side of the cliff.

You also see the main idiot, the head honcho of all idiots, behind the ATV.

It appears as though this chosen idiot is the one solely responsible for getting the ATV off the cliff. A job they clearly should have given to someone who isn't an idiot.

If my writing so far hasn't foreshadowed it enough yet, what happens next, is possibly the worst-case scenario.

Head idiot gives it a little shove, and the thing takes off, smoking a good group of the onlooking idiots.

Somehow, everyone walked away from this, which is nothing short of an idiotic miracle.