We already knew Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus would be popular choices for Halloween costumes this year, but two Halloween partygoers got even more creative by changing the role of who wears what.

That's right: the guy dressed like Miley, and the girl donned the Beetlejuice-esque suit Thicke wore to the 2013 VMAs for a crazy photo op we're very glad happened. Check it out.

What do you think? We think they nailed it.

The girl's pin-striped suit and devil-may-care smirk match Thicke's to a T. Then, there's the male Miley, bent over in a halter top and short shorts. He even has the weird hair braids and is sticking out his tongue -- a Miley staple.

All he's missing is the foam finger that Miley did unspeakable things with at the VMAs. Oh, well -- they still won the Halloween costume contest.

[via Reddit]