This is Jay at night's home computer ... he keeps it old school.  On a more serious note I think everybody can agree ... we all have alot of passwords to remember. The question is ... just how good is YOUR password?

Folks who are smarter than I am (and who also spend their free time doing hacks & math ... instead of beer pong & video games) figured out how long it would take to hack your account.

And now we all know ... or do we? If you're like me you just wrote it down so you could count the number of letters and such in your password. There by making it super easy for folks to steal your password and log on to facebook and put up embarrassing statuses.
Good thing for me I have the best password ever that no one will ever guess! Stifler_is_super_cool_and_2_awesome_for_your_brains_oh_and_Jay_sucks.

Suck it hackers you'll never guess that one!!!!