Dave Legeno, who appeared in three "Harry Potter" movies as werewolf Fennir Greyback, was found dead in Death Valley, CA at the age of 50.

The actor's body was found Sunday, police said in a statement. Legeno had been hiking in the area, which is known as the hottest and driest place on earth, where temperatures have recently passed the 100 degree mark.

Another hiker, who police said was hiking with a friend and did not know the actor, reported discovering what appeared to be human remains, which were later identified as Legeno.

"It appears that Legeno died of heat related issues, but the Inyo County Coroner will determine the final cause of death," said police. "There are no signs of foul play."

The cause of death was heat-related, according to a just-completed autopsy.

Legeno was a former cage fighter and wrestler who went by the name "Death Wish" He made his screen debut in "Snatch", directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Brad Pitt.

He is survived by a grown daughter, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail reports.