So I'm a clueless guy give me beer pizza rolls and something on the tv and I'm happy. However I'm also a guy who's very much in love. So much so I'm getting married this year. I'm having some problems and I need your advice.

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    Wedding Ring

    We have our rings. They're family heirlooms and awesome we both love our rings. However we need to get them sized. How much does that cost? Is there a place you'd recommend?

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    Shreveport Reception Location

    Holly, my fiance, is from Michigan. Thus, our wedding will be in Michigan. Which a round trip flight to MI is about $400 per person and I don't expect my family much less my friends to make the flight, get hotel room etc. So we're having a wedding reception in town for the folks who can't make it to see the official ceremony. The question is where? I'm going to be paying for this bad boy out of my own pocket and I don't want to break the bank. I'm thinking some place with ample parking and a bit of class. I'm not overly concerned about food and such because I want it to a be a bring your own favorite party food / drink affair. (Before it's suggested our church told us "If you don't have the wedding here, you can't have a reception here.")

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    We've talked about where we want to go for our honeymoon. We've talked about New York City, Chicago, Dallas, San Fransico, San Diego, Fort Myers FL. We're down for anything really in the Continental US. Is there an amazing vacation spot we haven't thought of? (We'd be honeymooning around end of June)

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    Wedding Registry Items

    What things would you recommend for a starting family to put on their registry. "The whole store!" No, no, no. Like essential stuff. Like she wants a nice vacuum cleaner and I want a nice drill. Stuff like that. Whats some things you requested (or think would be nice to have)