When you have two left feet, there's nothing worse than going to a social event where you'll have to dance. From Prom and Homecoming to weddings, heck, even going to a club in Downtown Shreveport can be downright awkward if you don't know the moves.

Instead of being a wall flower the next time the 'Wobble' or the 'Cupid Shuffle' comes on, watch these eight videos and practice in the privacy of your own home. 

Who knows? You could turn your two left feet in for a new pair of Michael Jackson dancing shoes. Wait, it was the shoes that made him dance so good, right?

Note: These are sorted from least likely to hear at the party to most likely.

#8 Cat Daddy - Rejcts

#7 Electric Slide

#6 Teach Me How to Dougie

#5 J Dash - Wop

#4 Footloose

#3 Wobble

#2 cupid's shuffle

#1 K-Wang

There you go, that should have it. Throw an awkward slow dance in there and you'll be juuuust fine.

NINJA EDIT! By demand here's Thriller.

Note: I've never heard this song (outside of Halloween night) at a club.