This is nothing short of a miracle. Not only did he survive, but he also made sure he got the job done.

A police officer in our neighboring state of Texas is in the center of all the talk, as he truly defied death and managed to finish the job at hand. He works in Ft. Worth and experienced the scare of his life while making a routine traffic stop.

In the dash-cam footage, we see the officer speaking with a driver who had already pulled over, when out of no where, a drunk driver comes flying into the frame and absolutely obliterates our officer.

He crashed into the back of the parked car, and slammed directly into the cop. The crash was so devastating, it sent the officer flying and flipping through the air.

Somehow, while trying to figure out exactly what just happened, the officer was able to hold the drunk driver on the scene until backup arrived.

He didn't leave the scene completely unscathed, though anything other than death is nothing short of miraculous. He suffered a hyper-extended foot and a fractured vertebrae,

You have to see this.