I've ridden in my share of Mardi Gras floats, and while I'm not an expert, I know who and what I like to throw my hard-earned money at. Make no mistake, when someone is throwing you beads, they paid for it!

So how do you get the most beads? I have a few pointers for you!

1. Get a cute kid. Even if you have to borrow one!

2. Make a target with a great sign, I'll try and make a basket or hit your target every single time.

3. Don't cross the barricades and stay behind the lines. We won't throw to you if you're too close to the float, it's a huge safety issue.

4. Look selfless, point to the small child next to you... then put your hands up!

5. I'm a sucker for a good dad, if daddy has his kid on his shoulders, etc... I'm always throwing in your direction!

6. Guys, much like the parent trying to get beads for their kids, if you make it known you're trying to catch for your girl, we'll throw to you every time!

7. Bring a bag... If you have a ton of beads around your neck and the next person doesn't, I assume you already have plenty.

8. Don't beg for a cup, you'll get what I'm throwing at the time and if it looks like my beads aren't enough for you, I'll skip you completely.

9. Skin to win!

10. Let's face it, no matter who's throwing, if they think you're hot, you're getting beads!

11. Lastly, if a rider makes eye contact with you, those are your beads!

Check out some of my pictures from last Saturday's (2/22/14) Krewe of Centaur parade! Catch me again this Sunday during the Highland parade. We'll be rocking the Jester float!