Just in time for 4th of July cookouts, here's how you can peel a whole bag of potatoes in 50 seconds. Genius!

Just like any other holiday meal, no one wants to spend the entire day in the kitchen peeling potatoes. It's a pesky, messy, time-consuming task. But what is an All-American, 4th of July meal without mashed potatoes or potato salad?

Finally, here is a simple way to peel all of those potatoes in 50 seconds.

How it works: the water softens the skin of the potato, making it easier for the scrubbing brush to remove it. Also the flow of the hose keeps the potatoes circulating in the bucket, allowing every inch of the skin to be removed.

Bonus: The water also removes the excess starch from your potatoes for better cooking, especially if you're making homemade potato chips. #Winning