Having a dog park in Shreveport is a hot ticket item for many in our area and coming up this Monday, there's going to be a huge 'pup' rally!!!

Join us for an event the likes Shreveport has never seen before! Our Pup Rally this

Monday, July 9th, will showcase the voices of citizens from all walks of life in
Shreveport. The common goal is to persuade Mayor Cedric Glover to sign off on a
$280,000 agreement between the city and the Red River Waterway Commission, which
will allow the construction of Shreveport's first dog park.
The new dog park will be located at Hamel Memorial Park off Clyde Fant Parkway in
Shreveport. So far, 1,300 supporters from Shreveport and around the nation have
signed a petition supporting the cause, which can be found by clicking here.
On Monday, animal lovers will take their signs, their voices and their dogs to
Government Plaza, with one clear message for Mayor Glover: Stop the political
blustering, and let us have our dog park!
Also, on Tuesday, July 10 at 3pm, we invite the media to the City Council meeting
where we will once again tell our public servants to move forward with the dog park
Here's the latest update on where things stand now:
After several Dog Park Alliance members met with Mayor Glover on June 28th,
we are still at a standstill. The Shreveport Times reported on the meeting in a
recent article. From the meeting, it seems that the Alliance is unable to make any movement forward until the Mayor meets with the Red River Waterway Commission to hear their explanation of their process of allocating funds to projects along the river.
Even though Parish officials offered signing a Cooperative Letter of Agreement to
assure the Mayor that the RRWC funding of the Dog Park would not supersede
projects on Mr. Glover's priority list, he is still not willing to move forward until he
gets his meeting.
For more information about the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance:
Contact: Michele Kim Carter (512) 413-2253 or Cynthia Keith (318) 469-1325